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Fred T. Williams started Williams Electric in 1957. After battling Lou Gehrig’s Disease (Thyrotrophic lateral sclerosis) for years, He left to be with the Lord at the end of 1994. Fred was the original Master electrician. He was also a master plumber. He built two houses from the ground up for family. He was experienced in all phases of building residences and commercial projects. Remodeling was a favorite of his, the older and more complicated, the better. After his third heart attack and triple bypass, the doctors convinced him to put the business to sleep in 1981. He developed an electrical division for J J Lay Co. They already had plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Jerry Lay started their 3 generation family plumbing business in 1955, they were good long time friends and neighbors in Englewood, it was good fit.

Tim Williams worked at J J Lay until he earned his Colorado Electrical Journeyman


License in 1983 by gaining time and experience from service truck to running large commercial projects. Working with Dad and many other great master electricians, Tim has more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Tim, since 1992, now carries the Electrical Contractors License with Dad’s original Contractor License Number 583, one of the oldest still active in Denver. Tim also holds the Masters License for the Company and keeps his Colorado Journeyman Electrical License. Tim has completed multiple government projects : remodel at Lowry, AT&T split up. Buckly Air National Guard, remodeled barracks, updated several 1600 amp services. replaced 400 amp three phase panel boards in hangars, along with updating lighting, one extremely tall hanger that stored a Titan missile for a while. Replaced lighting in 200 offices.

Tim Williams 2.jpg

Williams and Sons has been a part of many large and small commercial projects. Tim piped Saint Peter’s Lutheran Church from the ground up and later the addition. 16th street mall Tabor Center we built a Cinnemonster, increased ceiling 480 volt transformer and fit all power in an extremely small retail space. South West Fire station. Remodel the Rose country bar. Castle Rock : Taco Bell, Arby’s, and Bernards steak house. In Wyoming, Tim piped explosion proof concentric rigid for part of a refinery build out. Several restaurants Chinese Buffets, Forbidden City , Panda and small retail tenant finishes. Rewire property donated to the forest service in foot hills and several commercial tilt up office/ warehouse construction in Louviers. Remodels and update service to Sacred Heart Catholic Church, the first Catholic Church in Denver. Cabin in Walsenberg with 30 utility poles for power. Spray booth. CNC machine shops, wood fabrication shops. Laser for metal cutting, CNC work. Several large motors for cutting marble. D I A airport build up industrial concrete plant for Kasler Corp. It could make 60 yards every minute with 2- 100 horse power 480 volt motors for each of two mixers, dumping into huge dump trucks to keep up with the runways, etc. all the convener systems for different aggregate mixing all computer controlled from a elevated control room. Diesel transformer trailers up to 40′ semi up to 200,000 amp 480 volt feeds to skid mount multi service racks to be portable and serviceable to feed plant requirements and pass permanent installation inspections. All Skids were fabricated in our 5,000 foot shop. 24 hour site maintenance and OSHA required improvements keeping plant online, with up to 3- shifts a day. Remodel Residences up to138 years old, so far. 1983 through 1988, Tim moved to California. He learned motor control and line specific function automation, OJT even if the instructions were in French. Multi story Marriot from the ground up to third floor, then another foreman took over to raise other floors, it had tons of earthquake caissons as deep as 120′ by 42′ in diameter. Tropical Sunglass remodel 200,000 square foot remodel increased service, 140 offices and warehouse. Hunter Electric mostly Service Changes and service repair work. Clothes Fabrication shop. In Corona, Lighting for 6 soccer fields. 60′ poles, underground to huge outdoor built convector for electronic control interface. Explosion proof GRC piping with varnished Cambridge conductors at San Diego Naval base.

Tim and Fred plumbed and wired two houses on Mulholland Drive next to each other. We had to do the first one twice since it was burnt down during construction, before a full time guard was on site. Tim came back to Denver in October 1988 to start up the new business with his Dads help, Williams And Sons Electric was reborn with new blood, ambition and the desire to help others get everything they want out of a project and the quality that is expected from true electricians that care about the customers property as it were their own.

Shawn Williams_edited.jpg

Tim's eldest son Shawn is now 28 and works part time as a web designer and is an aspirant artist and novelist and expects to be published in the next year. David, Tim's youngest child, is now 25. He has been training for the last 7 years by Tim and other business associates. He is expecting to have his journeyman's within the next year. 

David standing next to 200amp Undergroun

Kathryn Williams, the matriarch of the family, helped restart the business in 1988. She started the advertising, answered the phones and gave the first friendly voice and taught customer service methods for Williams and Sons Electric. She then went back to operate her own business and the earth lost this angel in 2002. May she rest in peace.


Marjorie Ann Cottey is the mother of both David and Shawn. She worked for the business for many years before going back to Kentucky to take care of her family. 

Mick Williams left us to be with the Lord in 1981, just before his 21st birthday. May he rest in peace. 

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